Joseph from Rags to Riches

The Bible Coming to Life in the Eyes of:

  • To every child that has chosen to buy or that have received this book as a gift welcome to my worldwide classroom.

  • I would first like to extend a great big thanks to each of you, for being in attendance.

  • I promise when you open this book that you will embark upon one of the greatest journeys and ride of your life.

  • These books are not about religion. They are about helping each one of you to know your Creator, your Father God, your Friend, your Constant Companion. Get to know Him. He loves all His children!

  • From the moment you start all the different games and puzzles in this book, there will be a joy that will fill your heart. It is real!

  • I want you to know that you are unstoppable, the Lord is right there with you.

  • You will become empowered, as you reach out and get to know Him.

  • I pray that you will continue this journey for a lifetime.